3D printed Reservoir for Aerogarden Harvast hydroponic machines.

3D printed Reservoir for Aerogarden Harvast hydroponic machines.

If you have a Aerogarden Harvest or Harvest elite and like to add a reservoir, you can buy one here.

Aerogarden Reservior

However, if you do not need 1 gallon and like DIY stuff and also have access to a 3D printer, you can print one yourself.  I designed and created it with Tinkercad. It is not exactly the same but it is similar and works.


This DIY reservoir consist of 3 parts

  1. Top – Hold the Coca Cola Bottle.
  2. Funnel – Store water and direct water to the clear tube at the bottom of the funnel.
  3. Bottom Cylinder – Raise the funnel to the correct height and hold both funnel and top in place.


The part is holding the 2 liter Coca Cola bottle.  And the size of the top opening allow the opening of the bottle to reach certain depth.  So if you use a different bottle, the water level maybe off a little.

I print this with 20% infill.

Aerogarden 3d printed Reservior top section


The funnel is site right below the top.  It hold the water and allow it to pass through the bottom hold where the clear tube is connected.

I print this with 10% infill and print with support

Aerogarden 3d printed water collecting dome


This is the largest part of the whole thing.  It is used to hold the top and the funnel in place.  And it also dictate the height between the Coca Cola bottle opening and the bottom surface (i.e. your table top where the reservoir sit)

You may notice from the photo below that top of the print is not too even.  That is the problem with this particular print.  Yours should looks normal.  I can reprint it again.  However, since it is only cosmetic and I don’t want to waste it, so I just sand it a little and use it.  No big deal.

I print this with 10% infill and print with support

3d printed Aerogarden reservior bottom

Putting them together

First, just put the funnel to the top as shown in the photo below.

3d printed Reservior with funnel added

Turn the whole thing upside down and connect the clear tube to the bottom of the funnel.  There is a little U opening at the bottom to allow the tube to pass through.

Bottom of the reservior showing how the clear tube is attached

Turn it right side up and add the top.

Reservior showing with all parts

This is what it looks like when you insert the Coca Cola bottle.

Reservior with Coca Cola bottle


Now, all you need to do is insert  the other end of the tube to the opening located at the top of the Aerogarden water tank. 

Fill the Coca Cola bottle with water.  As you may notice, I do not have a little hand pump to pump the initial water to the water tank.  All you need to do is raise the whole thing up higher than then Aerogarden and the water should flow to the Aerogarden.

Just need to make sure no air bubble trapped inside the clear plastic tube.

3D printed Reservior for Aerograden

In my setup, I actually connect it to 2 Aerogarden with a T connector.  Later, I may print another set so that each Aerogarden has its own reservoir.

3D printed resevior for Aerogarden

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